Tyler | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday | December 11, 2013

TylerTyler is currently a (2) yr old Husky found by one of our volunteers in a yard behind her home when he was approx. 4 months old. . He was being attacked by two large dogs. Tyler appeared to be dead, so once the volunteer was able to tie up the other 2 dogs she had befriended, she went to pick up the little husky pup  and found that the pup was only playing possum (which probably saved his life). The volunteer brought the pup into her yard and washed off the blood to find large lacerations to the neck and front leg. Tyler was taken to the vet, who was able to prevent him from going into shock and stitch him up. The owner was found, but very uncaring towards his new pet, who was not given back to him. Tyler is a very loving and affectionate ham who loves attention. He is kennel trained, plays well with other dogs that are non-aggressive and walks well on a leash. This free spirited boy still has a mind of his own and will need to go through training;  the rewards on this beauty will not go unnoticed!