Surrendering a Dog or Courtesy Listing a Dog on Our Site

Please read this entire page for policies regarding owner surrenders and courtesy listings.


Because of lack of donations, slow adoptions, and the enormous amount of dogs being abandoned, surrendered, and returned, Guardian Angel will not be able to courtesy post dogs unless they are completely vetted.  A copy of records can be sent Please send us a good picture – not blurry ones, very small ones, or pictures of only the top of your dog’s head. The better the pictures is, the more likely it is that we will be able to help you find a new place for your dog. And the picture must be large enough for us to resize for any printed material or web material

Please also send a bio for your dog. The more information you provide to us, again, the more we can help you. All of our volunteers are just that – volunteers, who have families and full time jobs just like you do. Please send an accurate, well written biography that includes the approximate age, weight, and details of the personaility of your dogs.. As much as we want to help, our volunteers do not always have time to write bios for dogs they don’t  know or correcting yours.  And please, be as accurate as possible; your dog should be represented honestly, and we will need at least a paragraph of information. (Please review our currently posted adoptable dogs to see samples of the bios.)

These dogs will be posted as a courtesy and all applications will be sent to the person who has the dog.  They will not be posted as Guardian Angel dogs.  In the event that they are returned, it will be up to you, not us to take them back. If you do not take the dog back, it will be on your conscience not ours. I hate that we cannot offer to help more people, but we are continually being taken advantage of by vetting a dog and then the person either keeps it or gives it away and we are left holding the vet bill.  We are also left holding all the dogs that don’t work out or are returned at a later date.  We also cannot courtesy post puppies unless they are old enough to have been spayed or neutered as we are not going to condone you turning over unaltered dogs to someone.

If Guardian Angel Pet Rescue does choose to take in a dog that you have found or are surrendering, all vetting must be current or you must make a donation o $150.00.  That may not cover our expenses, but we cannot keep doing what we do without some changes.

We do take in owner surrenders as space permits.  Your dog must have a current heartworm test and proof of being on preventative, up-to-date on vaccinations and rabies, and spayed or neutered or you must make a donation to cover our cost of having the procedures done.

We’re sorry, we have no available space for cats right now. If you know somebody who may be looking for a friendly adoptable cat or kitten, please ask them to visit our Adoptable Cats page and consider adopting from our rescue so we can free up more space for others who may need our help.

Debbie Homas, President