Before You Adopt…

Before you decide to adopt a rescue dog or cat…or any dog or cat for that matter…

Please take a moment to think about this before you decide to adopt a dog or a cat. If you were entering into any other relationship, you would understand that there would be a period of adjustment – you getting used to someone and them getting used to you. If you adopted a child, you wouldn’t return it if things were not running smoothly after the first few days, weeks, months or even years. When you adopt a child, it is for life. When you enter into a marriage, ideally you wouldn’t divorce them after the first few days, weeks, months or years. Ideally, but not realistically – that should be until death do you part. That is the mindset you should be in when you decide to adopt a pet.

There is an adjustment period when you get any pet, but particularly a rescued pet. I think everyone likes the idea of adopting a pet that has been neglected or abused. It makes them feel that they are doing something worthwhile. And believe me they are. But they should also go into it knowing that they are going to have to deal with whatever baggage that particular animal has accumulated.

Everyone would love to adopt the perfect pet. Even I love to rescue the perfect pet. Guess what!?! No such thing. Even if you do find the animal that is perfect in your home, it doesn’t mean that animal will be perfect in someone else’s home. I have learned to never say an animal is totally housebroken, because chances are that animal will make a liar out of you very quickly. Just like children. I would never say that an animal is fine left unconfined all day – YOU NEVER KNOW! The thing that finally makes an animal perfect is when you look into their eyes and see the unconditional love they have for you. It is hard to beat that feeling.

There are many ways that animals enter the rescue world. Some are raised since puppies with a family and then for some reason or the other the family decides they must get rid of them. Whether the family thinks their reason is good or not, the dog does not understand. He/she only understands that the person they loved and counted on has abandoned them. There are the ones who get lost and never find their way back to their family. Can you imagine how scary it would be to get lost and never find your way back home to the ones you love? Then there are the ones who are neglected, abused and abandoned. They are the ones who are carrying the most baggage. They are burdened with fear, health issues, and in most cases separation anxiety when they finally find a home. If you are truly looking for a best friend for life, it is worth everything you have to go through during this adjustment period. But if you are just looking for a pet on a whim, please do not waste our time or the time of an animal looking for it’s forever family. They do not need more baggage.

Also, please have some understanding of the red tape we put you through before you are allowed to adopt one of our animals. We have rescued these animals and took them into our homes and fed, nursed and loved them back to health. We have put our hearts into them and they in turn have put their trust in us to find them the best home possible. As hard as we try, there are times we fail because there are people out there who are untrustworthy and can fool us. Sometimes it might take two or three homes before they get the forever one with the time, patience and love to make it work. But we beg you to not take this process lightly.

Thank you,

Debbie Homas
President, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue