Tommie (Girl) | Adopted

Tommie is the sweetest little girl and would love a home and family of her very own! She is about 9 months old and looks like a small pointer mix. Tommie is about 30 pounds and seems to be holding at that weight so we do not expect her to get much bigger than she already is. Tommie has the cutest cropped tail and a single brown spot on her back; one side of her face is brown and you can see those pointer spots along the bridge of her nose and on her other ear. She has the most beautiful golden eyes and she can give you the most soulful stare you ever saw. Tommie loves lap time and cuddling/snoozing with her person, but she also loves a good romp outdoors and can run like the wind! She is very agile, fast and smart – we think she would do well on an agility course. Tommie knows “sit” and she is pretty good about obeying “off,” that command is still a work in progress. She also knows “out,” “treat,” and “kennel.” She is crate trained but would definitely prefer to sleep with her person! Tommie is housebroken and will let you know when she needs to relieve herself. She has been in a foster home with 5 large dogs and 2 cats and has done well. One of the cats has taken to teasing her into a game of chase but when told “No!” she stops instantly. Tommie still has lots of puppy energy so she needs plenty of outdoor playtime – if she has another dog to play with, even better! If you are looking for a loyal, adaptable dog, Tommie is your girl!