Peanut | Adopted


Peanut was one of two siblings that were surrendered at the Memphis Animal Shelter in August.  Because the shelter felt like they needed to be kept together, they contacted GAPR to see if we could take them.  At that time I was the only one who was taking small dogs and my son was in ICU.  I said that I would get them out as soon as he was out of danger.  In the meantime, one of the brothers got sick and was euthanized.  When I could check, Peanut was also sick, but I went and got him and he recovered.  He does have heartworms so he cannot be adopted until the medicine to treat heartworms comes back on the market.  So, right now he is on preventative until we can treat him.

Peanut is a strikingly beautiful full-blooded Rat Terrier.  He is very sweet, but needs a lot of attention – probably due to losing his forever home.  He gets along well with other dogs although it would be best if he is fed alone.  I do not have an issue usually, but he went to another foster home temporarily and they did have an issue.  He is up-to-date on vaccinations and neutered.