Jack | Adopted

Jack is a male Rat Terrier mix who is approximately a year old.  He was also a puppy that went out about about 9 weeks to a family that consisted of a grandmother, mother and toddler.  Grandmother bonded with puppy and he became her dog.  But apparently the little boy was
mean to Jack – note to parents – children must be taught to respect the dog that you bring home as part of the family.  The little boy finally hit Jack for the last time and he bit him.  Now Jack is very nervous around little children – especially boys.  So, ideal situation is without younger children.  He does not do well at adoption events for this reason.  The children rush his cage or him on a leash and it freaks him out.  The is a very loving, sweet dog with adults and older children.  He has a lot of energy, but does calm down well when you are sitting down with him. Jack would be a good dog to run with someone. Jack is heartworm negative, up-to-date on vaccination, and neutered.