Your Pets Need Extra Care in the Cold

With the economy and the cold weather has come a huge increase in the number of dogs that need our help.  Although we cannot help them all, with help from you we can help more.  Our greatest need at this time is foster homes and money to pay our vet bills.  If you would like to donate towards our vet bill, you can just click the Paypal button near the upper-right hand corner of this page, or you may contact Pet’s Choice Animal Hospital (6920 Winchester Rd., Memphis, TN  38115 or 901-365-1979) and make your donation.  They will keep a receipt of it, but if you could please send a quick email to with your contact information and how much you donated, that would be great.  We will send you a donation form in the mail.

And don’t forget, when it’s cold outside, your pets need to be protected from it too. You should bring any outdoor pets inside, and make sure they have access to plenty of food and fresh water. And there are still plenty of homeless animals that need foster homes, especially in this kind of weather. You can see some of them and some wonderful volunteers that helped them through the last cold spell in the video below, and then click here to get started to become a foster home for a homeless pet.