Foster Homes Needed Immediately

Guardian Angel Pet Rescue is looking to find new foster homes.  In many cases, the reason we can not take in dogs that need help is because we simply don’t have an available foster home for new pets to live in. Which means that animals that may need immediate help may have to be put on a “waiting list” until another pet is adopted to their forever home, leaving a spot open in a foster home. In these particular cases on this page, the current foster mom has become caregiver for her adult son hoping to get on the list for a new liver.  They are in and out of the hospital a lot, and we all know that change is very difficult for dogs.  So far, everyone is doing okay and hanging in there, but a change of venue might help the dogs get adopted.  We are looking for safe, loving homes to take these dogs in and help them find their forever home.
These are all good, adoptable dogs who just need a little more one-on-one at this time.  If anyone is interested in helping us, please fill out the  application below and we will give you a call.

All medical will be taken care of and food if needed.  If for some reason the dog is not working out with your family, of course, we will immediately remove he or she. It’s easy to get started.  All you have to do is fill out the  application  below. Here’s a list of our dogs that currently need foster homes.


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    Where do you purchase flea & heartworm prevention? (If purchased online, we must have an account number.) Proof of heartworm prevention must be provided to be considered for an adoption.

    Please provide us with names and phone numbers of at least 3 references. Please not that only one of these references can be a family member.

    Please read this before submitting your application.

    By signing this application, the applicant agrees to allow Guardian Angel Pet Rescue to check the references provided.
    The applicant must also agree if they are granted a pet and for whatever reason cannot keep it, they MUST return the pet to Guardian Angel Pet Rescue. The adoption donation is NON REFUNDABLE. Guardian Angel Pet Rescue of Memphis is 100% committed making each placement as perfect as possible. Our goal is to make both the approved applicant and the pet lifelong friends.