Roo | Adopted

Roo is about 15 months old and is as sweet as can be. She is very obedient and aims to please. She has a lot of energy and got her name because of her graceful hopping leaps across the lawn. She settles down quickly and loves naps, either on her bed or, better yet, in a lap. Roo is very shy and doesn’t “show” well at adoption events. She will need a person who understands that Roo will take a day or two to become acclimated to a new home. Then she will be stuck like glue to her new owner. She is a bit afraid of men but has learned to relax around them. She gets along great with dogs. We don’t have a cat, but I am pretty sure that Roo would quickly discover for herself that cats don’t often fancy a dog’s attention.

She is a medium sized dog — about 14 pounds when last checked — with soft short hair. She won’t get any bigger. She looks like she has some dachshund in her.

Roo was rescued from a home where a kind hearted older woman took in a few dogs and then got completely overwhelmed by the number of dogs a few dogs becomes in 2 short years. She was well fed and didn’t appear abused when she was rescued — just not accustomed to other humans. Roo is crate trained and mostly house broken. She is up to date on all her shots,and is spayed.