Panda | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday

Panda is a 3-year-old, full-figured, 23 pound terrier dachshund mix. Panda is a great dog! She had a tough beginning. She was passed around several homes and then given away as a pregnant female on Craigslist. Six months ago, Panda came into our rescue. Poor baby was skin and bones, weighing 13 pounds, nursing her 7 one-week-old puppies. She was friendly but timid. She quickly adapted, settling into her new life with her foster family. Once we began vetting this sweet girl, we found that she also had heart worms. Well, now her puppies are in loving forever homes and her heart worms have been treated. It is Panda’s turn to find her happily-ever-after, as a treasured companion in a loving home.

Panda is a loving, good-natured girl, who has a sassy side, at times. She will bark at the front door, but enjoys company of all ages. Panda will bump the other dogs with her round body when racing toward a goal, but is ultimately happy sharing the achievement. Panda loves to eat, play,cuddle and sleep next to you in bed. She will often bark and growl when first meeting other dogs, but once she decides that she is safe, she is ready to play.