Molly | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday | June 20, 2012


Molly was adopted from Memphis Animal Shelter for someone’s mother.  At the time the mother’s ‘father was moving in so she decided not to take Molly.  The daughter that adopted Molly then found out Molly was suffering from demodectic mange (the non contagious kind) and did not want to place her at that time…by the time she was cured of that she was part of the family.  The family that decided to adopt her has two older dogs that she gets along with great and Molly has basically been their baby for the past two years.  Now they are expecting a two legged baby and have decided that 3 dogs and a baby is just not fair to anyone in the house.  Molly is an 8 pound Chihuahua/Dachshund mix that is 2 years old and is current on all vet care.  Molly does suffer from some outdoor allergies that cause a skin rash and are easily treated with baby benadryl.  She is a snuggler and an absolute sweetheart to anyone she knows well.  She can be somewhat aggresive (barking/lunging) in protecting her backyard or house from people that enter unannounced.  Molly would be perfect for someone that is looking for an indoor lap dog.  She would litterally sit in someones lap all day long.  Molly is kennel trained, house trained and ready to find a home to call her own forever!