Milo | Adopted

Milo is an adorable, goofy, submissive male Red Domestic Shorthaired canine.  I am hesitant to even guess at a breed.  There could be some lab, some sharpei, and possible a pit spit on him.  He does not have an aggressive bone in his body.  He is great with all dogs, even the smallest ones.  If anything, he is intimidated by all dogs at first.  Milo is an age-old story in rescue.  He was adopted as the most adorable puppy in the world and the people obviously did nothing with him as far as leash training or teaching him any manners.  Then he gets big and they cannot handle him and what do they do – they take him to the shelter totally ignoring the paperwork they signed saying he would be returned to us.  They told the shelter they were moving, but did not mention that at all when I talked to them a couple of weeks prior.  Luckily the shelter called us to come and get him.  Milo is now in a wonderful foster home where the couple are committed to teaching him manners and getting him ready for new home.  They are taking him to the dog park and hopefully he will make the next home a FOREVER companion.  Milo is neutered, current on vaccinations, and we are going to get a heartworm test as he was too young when he left the first time.  Hopefully the former home at lease kept him on prevention.