Lilly | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday | October 19, 2011

Lilly is approximately 10 months old and is a female red heeler mix. She was adopted as a puppy, but as happens quite often, she got bigger than the people anticipated.  My rule of thumb with mixed breed puppies is if size matters, go to a breeder.  It is not fair to the dog to give them a home and then take away their home because they got too big.  Lilly is approximately 35 lbs. and that is as big as she will get.  She is a very well-mannered dog in the house and gets along with other dogs of all sizes when introduced properly.  She would probably do better in a house with not a lot of people in and out all the time.  She is fine with everyone once she knows you are okay, but has to be introduced slowly to new people.  She is not crated at my house, but she would be okay in a crate if you wanted to crate her when away.