Liam | Adopted

Liam is a Pug/Jack Russell cross, which ends up being a very cute mix! He is adorable, sweet and loving!!! He does have a skip when he walks and /or runs and after x-ray it was found that he has a narrowing in his lumbar region…which may give him trouble later in life or which may not. Would you not fall in love with him for that reason? Giving him some Glucosamine or other joint supplement would be a good idea to prevent problems with his back as he ages. He is as fast as the wind on the lure course and he catches the lure every time. He loves this activity! He doesn’t get along with all dogs but the only ones he has had problems with at his foster is a submissive black lab and a couple of small male alphas that pushed his buttons. I think he would be best alone because he is a lover. He is 17 pounds and 4 years old. Must have a wooden fence because if he sees something on the other side of short chain link he wants to chase, he is gone! He is a terrier after all! Liam is heart worm negative, current on vaccinations, neutered and micro-chipped.