Katy | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday | December 4, 2012

Katy and her sister Kamy were found by Tipton County Animal Control wandering through the back roads of Brighton, TN. When they were taken to the shelter they were 3 months old and were grossly underweight, only weighing 12 and 10 pounds. Now Katy is a little over 5 years old, 17 inches tall (at the shoulder) and weigh about 40 pounds. Katy is very smart; already crate trained, house trained and knows a few basic commands. She is a very loving dog that is extremely appreciative of being rescued, and loves to cuddle to show her appreciation. Katy is playful and energetic (and would probably love to be someone’s jogging or walking partner) but is well behaved and enjoys curling up on the couch or in the bed with anyone. Katy enjoys fetching, rides well in the car, lives with 2 cats and 2 other dogs and gets along with them.  Katy’s sister, Kamy was adopted last month and Katy is hoping to have the same luck as her sister after 5 long years of spending her whole life in rescue, never really having a home to call her own.  If you are looking for a unique looking, young dog that has a lot of love and loyalty to give then you have found her; Katy would love to call you her new family!