Joy | Wet Nose Wednesday | Adopted | January 19, 2011

Joy is an approximately five-year-old female possibly Border Collie mix.  Joy was abandoned in an old shed behind her owner’s house. When we got there to rescue Joy; she was petrified, very emaciated, very untrusting and even had some of her leg missing. According to the neighbors she was in the backyard living in a shed for sometime before we became aware and went and rescued her.  Her leg healed fine and she is quite unaware that she only has three paws.  She is a sweet and loving dog who needs a calm, less chaotic home.  She would probably be better as only dog with no small children, but she is fine with some dogs.  It is just hard to figure out which dogs she will take to.  I would not leave her alone with small dogs, but then I had one tiny black male dog that she loved and they played for hours.  She is somewhat food aggressive with other dogs, so I feed her in her crate.  This is probably due to starving for so many weeks.  She was very emaciated when we found her.  She has been in rescue for about a year now.  She is heartworm negative (miraculously), up-to-date on vaccinations, and spayed.  She looks great and would be a wonderful companion for the right person.

Joy | An Adoptable Dog from Guardian Angel Pet Rescue