Johnny the Pit | Adopted

Johnny Pitt

Johnny has been evaluated by our vet, given his first set of immunizations, dewormed and started on Advantage Multi. He is heartworm positive, but is being treated with Advantage Multi and doxycycline. The last dog we treated with this became negative for heartworms after 6 months of this treatment. I have scheduled his neutering and will complete his immunizations the same day (August 31, 2012). We will, of course, continue his heartworm treatment. He is otherwise in good health. Our vet thinks he is around 2 years old. He weight is 50.8 pounds. We have had him since July 21, 2012.

The day Johnny showed up, he was politely sitting at the top of a hill in our yard. He waited for my invitation before coming closer. He was emaciated, but has since made up for lost meals! He has a sweet personality and is getting along well with our 2 spayed females and one of our neutered males who all stay in the fenced in dog yard with him. I’m not letting him around our other neutered males because our males tend to be aggressive with other male dogs. I don’t think he cares for cats, though I have not let him come in close contact with mine. He is doing a very good job of learning not to jump up on me and is very loving.He is very playful as you can see by the pics. All the pictures were so cute, I could not decide on just one. I hope this good boy can find a loving home with someone who can take more time with him. I don’t even let him out of the fence to walk him, because I just don’t have the time.