Jesse | Adopted

Jesse is approximately a one-year-old female Lab mix.  She is the typical puppy that is adopted for the kids and expect them to take care of them.  NOT.  This mom already had a houseful of children and got the puppy and did not do a single thing with her.  They took her to the shelter after a few months instead of returning her to us and she escaped being euthanize by the skin of her teeth.  Actually, was on the table and they scanned her and found a chip.  I brought her home and it was soon evident that she had not been socialized at all.  I had to chase her the first few weeks to get her in the house.  She was great with all the dogs including the little ones.  She spent the night at a volunteer’s house on Saturday and is fine with cats.  She is pretty mellow considering she has lab in her and she is not much more than a puppy.  She is still a little skittish out of her comfort zone, but gets better quickly.  She is not a fear biter at all.  Jesse is heartworm negative, current on vaccinations spayed, and microchipped (thank goodness).  She would make a wonderful companion for someone that is patience and willing to help her through the initial integration into your home.