Hank | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday | October 26, 2011


Hank is one of two boys that were found in a rural area in Tipton County.  Hank and Henry has sarcoptic mange and were almost bald.  Guardian Angel took them in and have nursed them back to health.  They are two of the most well-mannered puppies.  They are not barkers, playful, but sack out indoors.  They are not chewers, but most of the rescue people have pet friendly houses, so you need to keep them things to chew on.  Hank is the bigger of the two, but Henry is quickly catching up with him.  You would think by looking at Hank that he is a lab mix, but I would think he is not going to get much more than 30 lbs.  Henry looks almost like there is some wire-haired terrier in him.  They have been neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and rabies.  They have been started on heartworm preventative.  Although they are black and don’t attract a lot of attention, these two would make great companions for any family.