Daisy | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday | May 1, 2013

Daisy is about 35lbs. She is a lovable girl that is house and kennel trained and goes to her kennel with no problem. She adores people and is such a good Companion. Daisy only wants to be loved on and have her belly rubbed. She loves going outside to play but is more of a alpha female so if there are other dogs males would be better. She lives in a house full of both male and female small and large dogs and even cats but she is the alpha so it all works out. Daisy and her puppy were living in a burned out house where men where throwing food out in the street playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with the dogs. Every time they would come out in the street one of the men would try to run over them. Thanks to a caring Memphis Police Officer they were saved and are now ready to find a wonderful home of their own!