Connor | Adopted | Wet Nose Wednesday | October 1, 2014

Meet Connor, a 7 month Great Dane Mix!!

Despite a rough beginning as an injured and neglected yard dog, Conner is a happy-go-lucky, never-met-a-stranger kinda guy. Attentive, affectionate and energetic, Connor wants to please. He loves hanging out with people! He is most content cuddling on the couch, going on walks, and playing in the yard with a human friend nearby. He is house trained, knows several basic commands and gets along well with other dogs. Although generally outgoing, Connor tends to look toward people for assurance. He gets a little anxious when alone. Because of his loving, trusting nature, when given attention and gentle support, he gains confidence quickly. Connor is one special boy, and he would love to be your loyal, lifelong companion!