Maggie is a female 1-2 yr old Boarder Collie mix that had an angel looking after her.  She loves all creatures big and small.  She is housebroken and loves to snuggle with her foster mom.  She is great with children too.


Sylvia is a 2 year old spaniel mix we rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter.  Great people dog, but is aggressive towards all other dogs.   She is heartworm positive and will start treatment soon!!!


We rescued Devito from the Memphis Animal Shelter.  He is a well-mannered, medium-sized dog.

Penny & Buck – Adopted Together!

Penny is sweet as can be, she’s a little shy at first but once she warms up to you she’ll follow you around the house. Penny is 12 to 14 weeks old & current on age appropriate shots. She isn’t spayed yet but will be soon. Buck is her brother and boy do they play…


Carl is 8 months old, neutered and up to date on shots.  He is your typical cat and really does his own thing most of the day. But, he can surprise you with his funny antics! He likes to hide in unusual places and jump out at you to surprise you. You can almost hear…


Gator is a neutered male about 7 to 8 months old. He loves all kitties even his big foster brothers who like to play too rough with him. He isn’t even bothered by the dogs much, except if they bark at him and then he just runs away. Gator has been a wonderful baby for…


Milo is 9 wk old male kitten we saved from being surrendered to the Memphis Animal Shelter. He is very sweet and lovable. Please contact us for more info


9 week old male kitten (one Dusty’s kittens) who is curious and inquisitive.


We rescued this 7 month old terrier/pit? mix from an abusive home. He is a very sweet boy who is hesitant of strangers but warms up very nicely after a day or two.

Sweet Pea

We obtained Sweet Pea from the Olive Branch Humane Society when overcrowding was forcing them to euthanize her. She is a very sweet medium sized dog that gets along great with smaller dogs.


Griz is one of Lana’s 5-6 wk old terrier/chow mix puppies. We had 8 of these puppies patiently waiting for a new home.


Belle is a 1 yr old female terrier mix rescued from the Memphis shelter at the same time as Taco (above).  She is a fabulous small dog. (approximately 15lbs)  She is filled with nothing but love and kindness.  She loves to play and sticks close by her foster mom’s side. She enjoys giving “puppy kisses”…


Taco is a 2 year old female Chihuahua mix rescued from the Memphis shelter. She is a sweet girl who loves to give and receive affection. She is an alpha dog, but does well with larger dogs and cats.

Queen Sheeba

Sheeba is about 3 years old.  She is a very sweet, small dog.  Her owners moved, and asked the neighbors to look after her and her son, Spot, for a day or two until they could come for her.  That was 2 months ago.  Luckily she, and Spot, found there way under an angel’s wing…

Nikki & Oscar

Nikki (F) & Oscar (M) brother & sister about 1 year old. They were adopted from the animal shelter by a woman about 7 months ago. She “saved” them and then threw them out in a small dog run outside; that was never cleaned. She no longer wanted to care for them; they were picked…


Cooper is a beautiful 2 year old male brindle boxer mix saved from a shelter that was closing it’s doors forever and was about to kill every dog inside.  He is a well behaved and happy boy!  He gets along famously with other animals (but is a tiny bit rough on cats.  He’s fine with…


Yukon is a 6 month old Staffordshire mix.  He is a baby!  He loves attention, snuggling, and waking up his foster mom with puppy kisses.  He has slept in the bed with his foster parents since day one.  (He would like to be able to sleep with his new family too.  It makes him feel…


Hi!  My name is Winnie.  I am a sweet and happy female Chow Chow puppy.  My “angel” rescued me from a woman who was trying to sell me for $20.00 in the parking lot of the Memphis shelter when I was only 4 weeks old.  I was covered in mange and real hungry.  I’ve been…


Found starving and injured on Hwy. 78; probably lost off from hunting party 7-years-old Housebroken [inside dog] No health problemsFine with cats; needs to be only dog Loves to tree squirrels Loving dog Not a whiner or excessive barker Dan was transferred to a Senior Dog Rescue Group.


Bugs was rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter with Lady (her sister who has been adopted). She is approx. 25 lbs and 1 yr old.  She is great around kids, cats and all other dogs. She can be shy at first, but warms up quickly.


Captain is one of the WAY coolest guys we have ever met! He looks just like Ed from “The Lion King”, and has a fabulous personality! Captain was rescued by a good Samaritan turkey hunter who had seen him and two other young dogs on an abandoned railroad track for nearly a month. They were…


Buster is the littlest guy rescued by the good Samaritan hunter. He is extremely affectionate, and is only 8 weeks old! It’s amazing that he survived in the woods at such a young age, even though he had Captain and Hobie to help him out. His first night at his foster mom’s house, he ate…


Andy was rescued from MAS two days AFTER his euthanasia date.  He was housed between two huge snarling dogs, which is maybe why he got missed being taken away.  He was so frightened that he was curled up in a corner of his cage, shaking.  A little blond angel saw him and pulled him out,…


Note from Chester’s mom: I saw you guys had a tent at the Gimme Shelter.  I hope you guys were successful.  We had 5 dogs adopted from the Border Collie Rescue,we completed the house visits this weekend, and everything went great. I wanted to send you this picture of “Chester”.  He was the yellow lab…