Honey | Adopted

Here Comes Honey! This little lady has a huge personality! Approximately 2-3 years old, weighing in around 9-10 lbs. The is funny, slightly dramatic, but she is a lover. She loves her person whoever that might be. She might take a minute with men, depending on the man! But she doesn’t take long to fit…

Precious | Adopted

Meet Precious…she is 8 lbs of adorable, loving Chocolate Chihuahua. Her owner died recently and she was turned over to rescue. Perfect home for this girl is a home where she is the Princess! I would say she would be best in mature, quiet home with no kids under 12. She does initially have a…

Ares | Adopted

Ares is the brother of Aurora, Asteria, and Athena. He is slightly larger, maybe 7-8 lbs. He’ s also bouncy and friendly. I think once they are split up their individual personalities will blossom. He is Min Pin/Dachshund also.

Asteria | Adopted

Asteria is also a 7 month old Min Pin/Dachshund who is approximately 6-7 lbs. The whole litter is very sweet, bouncy and friendly.

Aurora| Adopted

Aurora is a precious 7 month old Min Pin/Dachshund mix who weighs in at approximately 6-7 lbs. she is playful and friendly. She is sister to Athena, Aphrodites, Asteria and Achilles.

Jackie | Adopted

Jackie is a spunky 3 year old chihuahua mix whose owner passed away and is looking for a new home. Although she gets along really well with her foster siblings – two cats, a male dog, and two bunnies – she would do best as an only dog because she gets jealous and wants all…

Athena| Adopted

Athena is a beautiful 7 month old Min/Pin Dachshund. She is approximately 8 lbs. she is very playful, loving and has sweet personality. She is one of five siblings.