Bandit | A True Guardian Angel, Saves His Family From Fire



I thought I would share a story about Bandit. . . just in case you need a reason for somebody to adopt a pet from Guardian Angel.

Sunday morning, May 6, at 5:30 A.M., Bandit started barking and woke me up. I was in the process of yelling at him to hush, when I saw a bright red glow through our dining room window. I got up to investigate when I walked into the dining room, I saw that the house was on fire – porch and in front of the dining room. I called 911 and by the time I turned back around to the window, the glow had subsided. In looking out the window, I saw a gas can. Somebody had intentionally set our house on fire. Apparently, Bandit heard the gas being thrown on the porch and started barking. That made the arsonists get sloppy and go ahead and light the fire, which made it flash and they threw the gas can down. Bartlett Fire Department and Police Department said Bandit was a hero and needed an extra treat! I believe he saved our lives.

Also, you know how much trouble Mother had coming to grips with Bandit. . . . now she adores him since he saved her. She still won’t pet him because she doesn’t want to make Sadie jealous, but she likes him now! J

Hope this story will help you encourage somebody to adopt!