Emergency Foster or Furever Home

This is one of our cats that was adopted back in 2006 and the owner is moving in with her boyfriend who is allergic and will not let her bring them. We have two weeks to find a place for them. They have been together for a long and it would be best if they…


Macho is a 14-week-old male orange tabby kitten.  This little guy is very sweet, social, and adorable.  He gets along well with dogs.  He is litter-trained and will be neutered is the very near future.  He will also be current on vaccinations.

Einstein | Wet Nose Wednesday | July 3, 2013

Einstein is a 10-month-old male kitten that was born in a woodpile at one of our volunteer’s home. He has a beautiful black and tuxedo coat. And miraculously I hear he doesn’t mind a bath. He is very playful and has a good temperament. Einstein is negative for both feline AIDS and leukemia. He has…

Peaches | Wet Nose Wednesday | March 27, 2013

Peaches was surrendered with the rest of her litter to the Olive Branch Humane Society as a newborn (only about a week old) without a mom.  The litter was bottle fed and very sick with coccidia & giardia.  They all got over the illness now she has been waiting for 5 years for a home….

Rocky | Wet Nose Wednesday | December 19, 2012

Rocky is a 4 year old Seal Point Siamese/Tabby mix that weighs about 12 pounds.  He is a very sweet and laid back boy that doesn’t talk a lot so he was not born with the attitude of the Siamese.  Rocky is neutered and declawed and lived as an outside/inside cat with his family until…


This  precious girl showed up at a Guardian Angel’s doorstep this week. She is very sweet. Since no owner was found, Gabby is currently staying at their home. If you are interested in letting this adorable girl join your family, please fill out an application to give Gabby a forever home.

Buddy, Brittany, and DeeBee

These kittens are just Beautiful. They are so funny playing, and they will LOVE YOU ALL DAY & NIGHT LONG!  They are the best little snuggler’s there are. THEY ARE ALL LITTER BOX TRAINED…NOT ONE ACCIDENT!!!!!!!  NOT ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are 5-6 mo. old.    

Cledus & Leroy

These two 12 week old kittens are brothers and were bottle fed.  Cledus is the yellow one and Leroy is gray; they are so sweet and truly are lap kittens. They love to be held, when you walk into a room they run to you just wanting to be picked up. Cledus and Leroy are…

New kittens!!!

These little cuties are only about 4-5 weeks old. We ended up with 3 little ones. Their foster mom thinks they are all girls. They are very sweet and love to play. They have had their first set of shots and are being litter trained.

Kit, Ninja and Richie

These kittens are about 3 month old. Kit is the only girl in this litter. They are very playful, and neither of them likes to sit still for very long. Feather teasers are their favorites but Kit also loves balls, especially if they jingle. They are good with other cats and kittens. Yhey have only…


This little cutie is Lilly. She is about 5 month old and came to us with her sister Oreo.Lilly is the shyest of this batch of kittens. 2 of her other siblings got adopted very quick but Lilly needed some time to come around. She is up to date on her shots and has been…


Niva is the final sister to Jaci and Kaya. She was the smallest of the three but has now caught up to her sisters. Niva was the shyest and needs some extra attention. She has a feisty personality and will let you know if she does not want to be bothered but usually she can…