Ivy and Grant

Ivy and Grant came to us when their owner got sick and ended up in ICU. Another person took great care of them and loved them for as long as they were able to after these dogs lost their owner; unfortunately, their new caretaker was financially unable to provide vet care for them.

Luckily, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue was able to make room for these two when we were asked to find them new forever homes. We’d love to see them go to a home together, since they have been together their entire lives. Ivy is approximately 8 years old, and Grant is around 11 years old. They both have minor heart murmurs that don’t affect their day to day life. Neither dog displays any symptoms of having any kind of condition, and neither requires any medication. They would love to go to the same forever home together, with somebody who would just love on them for the rest of their lives. They may be just a little shy at first, so may do better in a mature home that’s a little like where they came from. Once they get settled in, they’ll make great companions to their new forever family.